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Personal Electronics

Fun living through electronics! Megapower brings you the best values in digital voice recorders, watches, digital memos, games and alarms. Ideal for gifts, premiums, sales incentives, and tradeshow giveaways. You might even want one yourself!


You won’t believe how many uses you’ll have for the   Laser Square. It operates as a 90º square to confirm that all corners are square. The Laser Square acts as a leveler in setting floor tiles and ceiling ponds as well as metal-framing shelves and cabinets. Just set the tool on any surface and the gauge will indicate if the surface is level and if not, how many degrees off it is. Use it as a plumb for framing walls. Angles are also easy to find. Save

MP-1980/MP1980L Temperature Compensated Ultrasonic Measurer

This Ultrasonic Distance Measurer is your ultimate partner for measuring distance, volume in addition to finding direction and leveling .  The black and yellow machine can instantly measure interior room dimensions from 2 to 50 feet with just a touch of a button.  It is temperature compensated assuring accurate measurement under varying ambient temperatures.  The MP1980L comes with laser dot to indicate the position of the target.

Laser Mouse MP-1730

The MP-1730 is the latest laser toy of a cat. The cute mouse has whiskers, a chain tail (for hanging) and a mouth that emits a laser beam that cats can’t refuse. If you own a cat, you have to have this new toy

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