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HDMI Accessories

HDMI has become the input and output standard for TVs, Projectors, Game Consoles, Blu-ray Player etc..   Unfortunately, there are still some devices that do not offer enough HDMI ports and it is easy to run out of HDMI space real fast.  HDMI Switchers, Splitters provides low cost solution to this problem as well as cut down on unnecessary wirings.  We offer a range of 4K 60Hz Switchers and Splitters for professional quality pictures.  Sit back, relax and enjoy your home videos and games! 

4K HDMI Switcher

The 4K HDMI Switcher can switch for more HDMI input signals to one single sink device   

MB-121 / MB-122 
HDMI 2.0 Switcher 3x1 / 5x1
(4K/60Hz 18 Gbps/IR)

*Three (MB-121) or Five (MB-122) HDMI input signals switched to a single HDMI sink devices

*Support 4K/60Hz full HD Signal input and output

*IR Remote control and HDMI input auto-switch function

*LED indication when source or sink is working

*Support input up to 8 metres using AWG26 HDMI standard cable length, output up to 8 metres using AWG26 cable length

*Supports HDCP2.2

MB-123 / MB-124 
3 / 5 Port HDMI Switcher
The Device can switch 3 or 5 HDMI Inputs to one HDMI Output. It can easily switch three or five routes of HD Source to one HD display or projector

*Three (MB-123) or Five (MB-124) HDMI Input switch to one HDMI Output

*Supports 4K

*Supports Remote control and HDMI auto switch

*LED Status Light shows clearly the working state

*HDMI Input and Output distance can go up to 6m using the AWG26 standard HDMI cable

*easy to install

HDMI 2.0 Splitter

MB-125 / MB-126
HDMI Splitter (1x2) / (1x4)
HDMI Splitter can split one HDMI 2.0 input signal to Two (MB-125) or Four (MB-126) HDMI 2.0 sink devices

*Supports  Full HD,  Full 3D

*Supports 4K2K@60Hz resolution

*Supports deep color 30bit, 36bit

*Supports HDCP 1.4 to HDCP 2.2 conversion

*Supports HDCP 2.2 to HDCP 1.4 conversion

*Supports signal retiming

*Supports input/output up to 5 metres AWG26 HDMI standard  cable

*No loss of quality

*easy to install

HDMI/MHL Audio Extractor

The converter is used to extract SPDIF audio+ Analog R/L Audio from HDMI and 5.1CH/7.1CH for SPDIF output, 2.1CH for L/R RCA audio

MB-111   HDMI to HDMI+ Audio
Extractor 1080p

*One HDMI input converted to one HDMI+ Audio (SPDIF+R/L) output

*Input Resolution up to 1080p (50/60Hz)

*HDMI to achieve the synchronization of audio signal separation. There are PASS / 2.0CH / 5.1CH three kinds of audio mode options

*LED indication when source or sink is working

*DC 5V/1A AC/DC Power Adapter

MB-112 HDMI / MHL Audio
(SPDIF+R/L) Extractor

*One HDMI V1.4 or One MHL input converted to one HDMI+ One SPDIF+ One LR Audio Out

*Output audio support SPDIF+ R/L analog Audio Output

*Support full HD 1080p, Full 3D, 4K*2K resolution

*Support ARC Function: Without adding one extra HDMI cable. It can reverse the audio to the AV Amplifier by HDMI cable connection with HD TV while the HD TV receives the audio and video content

*HDMI/MHL working in dual mode, can reduce the number of ports

*HDMI to achieve the synchronization of audio signal separation. There are ADV / 2.0CH / 5.1CH three kinds of audio mode options

*LED indication when source or sink is working

*DC 5V/1A AC/DC Power Adapter

MB-113  HDR HDM Audio Extractor

*One HDMI 2.0 input converted to one HDMI+ One Toslink Audio + One Coaxial Audio + One L/R Audio Output

Supports HDCP2.2

*Output audio supports Toslink Audio + Coaxial Audio + L/R analog/Audio Output

*Support HDR, 4K*2K @60Hz resolution

*Video Format Support: 4Kx2K/60Hz 8Bit YcbCr4:4:4

*Support ARC, TV audio will return and output by the Optical Port

*HDMI to achieve the synchronization of audio signal separation. Support 2.0 / 5.1 / ADV three kinds of audio mode options

*Supports SPDIF digital audio format: Dolby digital (Ac3), DTS and LPCM2.0

*LED Status Light shows the working status

*DC 5V/2A AC/DC Power Adapter

SPDIF / Toslink Digital Audio Switcher/Splitter

MB-115 SPDIF/Toslink Digital Audio Switcher 3x1
This SPDIF/TosLink Digital Optical Audio Switchers allows the user to switch 3 digital optical TosLink sources to 1 optical TosLink (SPDIF) output

*Three ways of optical fiber signals switch to one sets of SPDIF /TosLink signal receiving devoce

*Audio format support: LPCM2.0/DTS/Dolby-AC3

*Used optical fiber cable less the 0.2dB/m, output distance is up to 40m

*The output control can go through R/M and also can directly press the buttons

*Supports last time working state memory when power off

*LED status indication

*Supports 5.1 DTS PCM

*DC 5V/1A AC/DC Power Adapter

MB-116 SPDIF/Toslink Digital Audio Splitter 3x1
This SPDIF/TosLink Digital Optical Audio splitters allows the user to connect and distribute one digital optical SPDIF TosLink source to three amplifiers

*One optical fiber signals input split to three sets of SPDIF /TosLink signal

*Audio format support: LPCM2.0/DTS/Dolby-AC3

*Supports signal retiming

*Useing optical fiber cable less the 0.2dB/m, Output distance is up to 40m

*Over-voltage protection can prevent the damage caused by connecting unmatched power adapter to the machine

*No loss of quality

*Supports 5.1 DTS PCM

*DC 5V/500mA AC/DC Power Adapter

HDMI True Martrix 4K

MB-130 HDMI Switch Splitter 2x2
(4K / 3D / Auto Switch)
*2x HDMI input ports switch to 2x HDMI output ports

*Supports 1080p 60Hz, 3D and 4K2K (24/30Hz) resolution

*Supports automatically detect Source device and switch for HDMI input ports

*Can switch any one of the two input HDMI Signal source to two HD Display at the Same Time

*Supports deep color 30bit, 36bit

*Supports HDMI Digital audio format: DTS-HD / Dolby-ture HD / LPCM7.1 / DTS / Dolby-AC3 / DSD

*No loss of quality. Support input or output up to 15 metres AWG26 HDMI standard cable length

*Power-off memory

*Easy to install

*DC 5V/1A Power supply

MB-131  6x2 HDMI 1.4 Matrix
The 6x2 HDMI Matrix supports the feature of PIP, ARC, 4K and 3D, which can switch or split the six HD input sources to two HD Displays. It also can do the audio extract by the Optical port or HD port. ARC feature can let you return your TV audio to the AV receiver; the PIP feature can let you choose the input sources channel by watching the small picture window on the Display.

*Six HDMI inputs switch or split to two HD Display

*HDMI  supports  Full HD, 3D and 4Kx2K video

*Any input HD source can do audio extract by the SPIDF or 3.5mm Headphone audio output port

*HDMI to achieve the synchronization of audio signal separation

*Support 2.5/5.1/ADV three kinds of audio mode options

*Supports ARC, TV audio will return and output by the Optical Port; (only the OUT A port supports ARC function)

*Supports HDMI audio separation, can output by optical and 3.5mm Headphone at the same time

*Support PIP function: have one main picture and five small pictures. It can do switch of input sources by pressing button or remote

*LED indicates status when source or sink is working

*Support IR Remote Control and Push Buttons

*Power-off  setting memory

*DC 5V/2A  AC/DC Power Adapter

MB-132   2x4 HDMI 1.4 Matrix Splitter
The 2x4 HDMI Splitter can connect two HD Sources with Four HD Displays, and do audio extract by one Toslink port and One LR Port. It supports 4K, ARC, Audio and Video EDID Mode Option.

*Two HDMI input signal split to four HDMI sink devices

*Supports 4K full HD signal input and output

*Supports analog stereo audio and digital audio(SPDIF/Toslink) output

*Digital audio port of Toslink can support 192Khz Sampling  Rate (LPCM2.0 Audio Format), also can support LPCM 2.0, Dolby-AC3, DTS audio output.

*Supports 2.0CH, 5.1CH and ADV Three Audio EDID and 3D, 4K, Pass Three Video EDID set.

*Supports ARC.

*Supports Power Off Setting Memory Function, it can remember the last working state

*LED Status Light shows clearly the working state.

*HDMI Input and Output distance can be up to 8m using the AWG26 standard HDMI Cable

*No Loss of Signal


*DC 5V/1A AC/DC Power Adapter

HDMI Wireless Extender

MB-133 HDMI Wireless Extenders
100m (2.4G/5G) 1080p
This product allows wireless transmission of HD content
*Contains a Transmitter (TX) and a Receiver (RX), up to 100m distance
*The TX supports one HDMI loop output, for local screen monitor
*Supports HDMI resolution: 480i/576i-1080p @50/60Hz and SVGA -WUXGA
*Digital 2.4G & 5GHz dual frequency wireless A/V transmission, high transmission rate and strong anti-interference capability
*Using an external dual - gain antennas. Full HD 1080p transmits up to 100 meters wirelessly in open space 
*Extends infrared remote to control source device from display side
*Supports OSD, for information of device status
*Simple Plug and Play. Full hardware design, no software installation required

*Support Wed Configuration interface, Simple and easy to use

3D HDMI-CAT-HDMI Extender 60M
This Extender use Signal CAT-5E or CAT-6 (recommended) cables up to 60 meters instead of HDMI cable to transmit high definition signals

*Supports video input :24/50/60fs/1080p/1080i/720p/576p/i /480p/i

*Supports transmission using one CAT5e/6(recommend CAT6) to connect the sender and receiver and the Ethernet cable can go up to 60M

*Supports 3D

*Supports video output: 24/50/60fs/1080p/1080i/720p/576p/i /480p/i

*Audio format support: DTS-HD/Dolby-ture HD/LPCM7.1/DTS//Dolby-AC3-DSD

*LED indicates working status

*Support up to 60 meters AWG26 cable length between extender and source & sink device

*No Loss of quality

*DC 5V/1A AC/DC Power Adatper 

HDMI Extender by RF Coaxial 500M
The HDMI Coaxial Extender can do digital coding processing for HDMI signal with DTV technology. The product adopts RF modulation technology characteristic to transmit the Multiple RF signal through one common coaxial cable for long distance transmission without amplification. The receiver can restore the high-definition video signal and transmits it to the TV Monitor

*Contains a Transmitter (TX) and a Receiver (RX). The TX supports a HDMI input and the RX supports a HDMI output

*Supports HDMI resolution up to 1080p 60Hz

*Transmission distance up to 500 meters by SYV-75-5 coaxial cable and no amplification needed.

*By adding digital TV network mixer in RF cable, can easily achieve many kinds of transmission mode.

*Supports 80 channels for option; frequency range 139MHz-950MHz

*Products using the broadcast signal transmission mode, only one line can transmit 48 channels of high-definition video signal at the same time.

*The use of digital TV communication protocol, anti interference and error correction capability is very strong

*Installs in minutes. Analog monitor system upgrade to HD systems can continue to use the original connector and cale

*DC 5V/1A AC/DC Power Adapter

HDMI Extender 150m with IR
(Support one TX to many RX)
The Extender uses one standard CAT6/7(cable length max up to 150M) to transmit the HD Signal from the DVD, HD Player, PC and other HD source set to the Display at a distance; It follows the TCP/IP protocol to send the HD Video by the local area network; it supports one sender to multi receivers and Cascade connection way to transmit the HD signal by the help of Ethernet switcher

*Supports video input :24/50/60fs/1080p/1080i/720p/576p/i /480p/i

*Supports transmission: use one CAT6/7(recommend CAT6) to connect the sender and receiver and the Ethernet cable can be up to 150M

*Supports Point to Point, point to multi-point and cascade transmit way

*Supports Resolution up to 1080p 60Hz

*Supports 24/30/36 Bit

*Supports video output: 24/50/60fs/1080p/1080i/720p/576p/i /480p/i

*Supports IR extender, it can do long distance control to the HD Source by using the IR signal received at the receiver

*Supports 802.3 IEEE Standard

*CAT connection according to IEEE-568B

*Transmits longer distance with the help of Ethernet switcher

*LED status indication

*No Loss of quality

*Installs in minutes

*DC 5V/1A AC/DC Power Adapter

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